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Friday, September 6, 2019
6 Sep 2019, 8:46am US states to launch antitrust and privacy inquiries into Facebook and Google
The Guardian
New York state attorney general said bipartisan coalition investigating if Facebook stifled competition and put users at risk Dozens of US states are set to launch antitrust and privacy investigations into Facebook and Google as scrutiny of the big tech firms increases in the US. The investigation into Alphabet’s Google unit will examine the search giant’s affect on the digital advertising market and its impact on consumers. In a separate but overlapping investigation the states’ leading law enforcers will investigate Facebook’s privacy record and its advertising model.
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5 Sep 2019, 10:23pm Facebook has launched its new dating service in the US. Sounds safe, right?
The Guardian
The company has touted its new privacy and security features but critics are skeptical given Facebook’s track record on user data Facebook announced on Thursday it is rolling out its newest service across the US, a platform for dating. What could go wrong? A lot, it turns out. The new service, Facebook Dating, can be accessed in the Facebook app but requires users to create a separate dating-specific profile. It then links users with potential matches based on location, indicated preferences, events attended, groups, and other factors. Facebook Dating will integrate with Instagram and offer a feature called Secret Crush, which allows users to compile a list of friends they have an interest in, to be matched with if the crush lists them as well.
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